MRW National Recycling Awards 2020 Finalists! Partnership Excellence - Commercial

Turning waste into a valuable resource

Wyndham Resources seek out value in materials that would normally be thrown away.

We offer a very diverse & unique approach within the recycling and sustainability market. We consider reporting, equipment sourcing and consultancy to be valuable fundamentals of our service – ones that are essential to increasing your recycling.

We are consistently raising the bar for customer service, providing solutions that go far beyond simply taking your rubbish away.

We will support you by:

  • Actively working with you and producing a strategy in line with your organisational or operational requirements.
  • Setting your immediate short & medium term objectives with monitored KPI's to improve your recycling rates and where possible reduce your costs.
  • Advising as to any required operational policy amendments.
  • Support with the training and the development of your operatives that handle your waste.
  • Produce a report that demonstrates your recycling percentages across all of your waste streams.
  • Advise monthly on increases or decreases in re-use and recycling rates and work to improve them on your behalf.
  • Assisting with installing control measures on site, to ensure a consistent performance requiring less on-going management from your own personnel.

Our Recycling Services

We offer comprehensive recycling, industry-specific waste management, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations.

We are currently actively engaged in the sourcing of good quality residual materials that cannot be recycled but would be suitable for use as alternatives to fossil fuels in power stations both in the UK and abroad, as well as the installation of biomass systems on site.
Waste Management
Our team are passionate about providing our customers with the correct collections, increased recycling and managing and reducing costs.
Hazardous Waste
From a business perspective it is imperative that you segregate your hazardous from non-hazardous wastes so that you comply with duty of care requirements.
WEEE Waste
All types of IT equipment such as Monitors, Printers, LCD Screens and computers are completely recycled. We ensure that no equipment or material ends up going to landfill sites.
Food Waste
A changing and challenging market, creative innovation means that Wyndham Resources, have the right solution for any clients needs.
Waste Handling Equipment
We supply Waste Handling equipment and onsite treatment systems

Our team's core values and approach

  • Our team are passionate about providing our customers with the correct collections, increased recycling and managing and reducing our clients costs and where appropriate obtaining rebates.
  • Our experience and advice is always honest, forward thinking and innovative.
  • The waste world is an exciting one and is changing rapidly every day.
  • From a single bin collection to Total Site Management, Wyndham Resources prides itself on its core values.
  • Our team must truly listen to what our customer’s requirements and challenges are and then advise accordingly and not just quote like for like, we empower our team to challenge and explore more sustainable options.
  • We ensure that our principles for every contract are based on our company values of avoiding landfill at all costs, keeping waste to a minimum and to maximise on recycling and rebate management at all times.
  • Our recommendations are continuously unique, innovative and must contain one or all the of the following to add value, increased recycling, rebates and/or a reduction in costs.

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