Cleaning services & Pest Control

Wyndham Resources are pleased to provide the following services:

  • DOFF based chemical free cleaning services for removing dirt, grime, graffiti and bird mess from the fabric of buildings and areas where waste is stored.
  • Professional, preventive and reactive pest control services. This includes bird proofing of buildings and pigeon fouling removal in a controlled manner. We also specialise in the control of bedbugs, wasps, fleas, ants, flies, rats, cockroaches, mice and squirrels.
  • Bird management including the installation of bird netting, bird spiking, sprung wire and bird deterrent gels. Whilst it’s safe to clean up the odd bird dropping, handling guano by quantity should be done with care. Measures should be taken at all times to protect staff, contractors and public health if working near to or on a guano infested site. There are many health and safety regulations and waste disposal considerations that need to be followed when working with or near bird guano, and anyone doing so should consult an experienced professional.

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