Large Food Processor in London

Our client a food waste plant in London, needed a total overhaul of their waste services. A change in waste and recycling procedures can feel like an enormous task, but our team spent three days on site, evaluating the current systems by talking to the operatives as well as the management to understand what they would like to achieve. This has enabled us to create a bespoke recycling area with efficient segregation that would allow us to maximise rebates payable for recyclable materials. This operation is constantly evolving and we have set up the following:

  • Reporting System
  • Rebates for Plastic, which were costing a disposal rate
  • WEEE waste containers throughout the site
  • On-going reduction in General Waste
  • Secured a higher level of rebate for Cardboard, Pallets and Plastic Containers

To make this work we are on site weekly and communicate with everyone involved with the project to make sure they are all involved and feel a part of the success of the recycling targets.

We handle all the invoicing and accounting of rebates with the companies direct and have forged an excellent working relationship with the accounts team.

The creation of KPI’s across the company have ensured that we have a vision that everyone can see and work towards. We work together as partners and take the role of any company as the waste/recycling manager. The challenge is what makes the team here at Wyndham Resources motivated and committed to the task.

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