Milk Bottling Plant

Following a visit to a milk bottling plant we were shown an interceptor that was being used to separate milk sludges from discharged effluent with mixed results.

The Company were being fined on a regular basis by the local water authority as they were always discharging material over their consent. They were also using a local Company to remove solids by vacuum tanker, but the material had a very high chemical oxygen demand, and was being rejected from the local treatment plant again on a regular basis.

We supplied and installed a dissolved air filtration system that enables grey water to be discharged within consent. Sludges from this system are collected by a larger tanker and sent off-site to an anaerobic digestion plant.

In the first year of operation, there have been no fines, and no rejections.

We are currently investigating the provision of an on-site digestion system that can be used to generate heat and power for the plant.

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