Food Waste – Solids & Liquids

Food Waste – Solid and Liquids are a Valuable Resource

Operating in the food and drink manufacturing sector we aim to recover as much value from waste streams by either anaerobic digestion, to create heat and power, or composting to produce bio-fertilisers. Food when segregated is 100% recyclable.

After a review of your current recycling processes we can offer the following services depending on your volume, space and operations.
  • Wheelie Bin Exchange/ Tipping Service – usually suitable for smaller businesses, hotels, restaurants and organisations with little space
  • Bulk Collection - ideal for Food manufacturing and Supermarket RDC’s

We also understand the importance, and are considerately aware of the following challenges:

  • Convenient collection times
  • Sufficient space for containers
  • The number of different waste types produced
  • Council regulations
  • Staff issues
  • Reporting complexities
  • Back of house vs. front of house requirements

We treat each stream as a resource and on its own merits, before considering the most cost effective treatment route, and managing these in a way that protects human health and the wider environment.

Certain waste streams may contain organic matter that is of particular interest, or benefit to agriculture and if this is the case, we obtain all of the necessary regulatory consents to enable this route to be used.Using our network of logistics partners, we are able to collect both bulk solids and liquids, as well as chilled and ambient products.

Materials that we are particularly interested in are:

  • Liquid production washings
  • Sludges and solids from on-site effluent treatment plants
  • Packaged food waste, chilled or ambient
  • Out of date products requiring secure destruction
  • Wastes containing cooked or uncooked meat
  • Solid green wastes

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